Operation Paradise

Operation Paradise

Sarah Evans

Genre: Rom-Com Crime

Perth cop Eve Rock is investigating a series of abductions from the seedy inner-city Paradise Nightclub when her boss adds a murder case to her workload.

Now, Eve loves a challenge – about as much as she loves red wine, exotic food and cigars – but this case is a bit tricky because she’d speed dated the sleazy salesman hours before he met his Maker.

But then ‘tricky’ is Eve’s middle name.

Her mum’s a former hooker-turned-nun who runs a select girls school.

Her daughter’s a fanatical ‘Virgin Vigilante’ who attends that same school.

And Eve is being stalked by a department store Santa.

If that isn’t enough, her love life is dead in the water.

Or it is until Eve meets dreamy undercover cop Adam Fox whose sex appeal isn’t diminished by his slut heels and micro skirt.

And then there’s his equally gorgeous dad…

Eve’s life could be peachy… except now someone wants to kill her.

Available in print from Cland Destine Press and  Creations in a Teapot.

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ISBN 9780992329556

Publisher – Clan Destine Press

Binding – Paperback

RRP $22.00