The Dating Game

Dating Game017

Sarah Evans

Genre: Sweet Romance

Her dancing career in ruins after a hit-and-run accident, Fenella Grant starts a new chapter of her life by opening her own matchmaking agency. All goes well until James McAllister becomes one of her clients and causes havoc in her love-starved heart.

James’s sister has bought him a year’s membership as a joke – and to cure him of his casual dating habits. But serial dater James has no intention of settling down and belligerently insists Fen cancel his subscription. Instead, Fen matches him with her most intimidating, man-hungry client. James is furious, but in spite of himself, becomes intrigued as the unsuitable candidates continue. Who is this elusive woman who sets up his dates but determinedly refuses to meet him herself?

ISBN 9781444818260

Publisher – Linford Romance Library

Format – Paperback/Large Print